Commission Information

For the most accurate estimation of the price of your commission, I would recommend you to contact me with your personal inquiry. Nonetheless, I would like to give a general estimation as a guideline for my pricing.

(The price can vary depending on complexity, number of characters, background etc.) The prices listed here are for a single character.

Portrait / Bust (speedpaint)

These portraits are considered speedpaints. They lack detail and are very basic.
Price: 50-100 EURO (For half- and full-body, send an inquiry to get an estimate)

Portrait / Bust (regular)

Price: 150-200 EURO

Half body / Torso

Price: 200-400 EURO

Full body

Price: Starting at 300 EURO

For more information, and so I may better assist you, please contact me via email at or the contact form on this website.